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The Very Best Katana Swords are Here!

Enjoy our collection of Japanese style katana swords for sale. Buy any katana here from UltraBladeShop.com and get the distinctive blades you're looking for.  Our selection of  Katana swords display all the classic features of ultra long handles to accommodate two hands and the well known curved blade. We feature a variety of hilt types such as the braided leather handle, carved ivory, and many others. Buy any of our products for the collector on your gift list or for your own enjoyment.

Bamboo Crane Katana

MC-3060 - Bamboo Crane Katana


Bamboo Mat Katana

SH2438 - Bamboo Mat Katana


Braided Leather Katana

UC1191 - Braided Leather Katana


Raijin Folded Katana - Thunder God - Purple

MC-3056 - Raijin Folded Katana - Thunder God - Purple


Hanwei - Practical Pro Series - Katana

SH2162 - Hanwei - Practical Pro Series - Katana


Hanwei - Tiger Series - Katana

SH1204 - Hanwei - Tiger Series - Katana


Samurai Sword Set - Black - Dragon Guard

SW-310/4 - Samurai Sword Set - Black - Dragon Guard



You can buy katana swords in a broad variety of prices to accommodate whatever budget you may have. We feature collectible items in all price ranges for individual requirements. Buy katanas that feature carbon steel blades and that replicate those used by the historic Japanese Samurai and other warriors.

Let our experts assist you in making the appropriate purchase of our katana swords for sale. Buy katanas for sale right here! They're in stock and ready to ship!

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