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Basket-Hilt Broadsword Antiqued

Product #:  SH2002N

Although Basket-Hilt swords appeared throughout Britain from the mid-sixteenth century on, their association with the seventeenth and eighteenth century Scottish highlander has become legendary. Our Basket-Hilt Broadsword, replicated from an original in the collection of the Royal Armouries in England, carries a typical Glasgow-style hilt from the mid-18th century. It is likely that the blade of the original sword, marked “Andrea Ferara”, was made in Germany a century earlier and re-hilted as basket designs were refined. This version of the sword features an antiqued finish. The hilt is crafted in stainless steel, to minimize maintenance, and is finished with a museum-quality patina. The high-carbon blade is also lightly “antiqued” to promote authenticity. The grip is covered with wire-wrapped genuine rayskin and the basket liner, like the original, is crafted in fabric-covered leather. The scabbard is leather-covered. See model SH2002 for the bright-finished version of this sword.

Made by Hanwei.
SpecificationsOverall: 39 3/4“
Blade Length: 33 1/2“
Handle Length: 6"
Weight: 3lb 1oz
Point of Balance: 5"
Point of Harmonics: 23"
Width at Guard: 1.79"
Width at Tip: 1.19"
Thickness at Guard: .18"
Thickness at Tip: .08"

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Key FeaturesHistorically accurate
Wire-wrapped ray skin handles 
Perfect for re-enactors

Price:  $239.50

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Price: $239.50

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