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Amazing Swords From Around The World

Check out our beautiful collection of  swords for sale and other swords to buy. Buy swords right here and get the unique and rare swords used in historical fights and battles. Regardless of the one that you select, you'll get high quality, collectible swords from different historical periods to modern swords with scabbards and more. Buy swords that replicate the fine skills of the craftsmen of their particular era. Each is a work of art and craftsmanship and will be enjoyed for generations to follow!

Agincourt Sword

SH2371 - Agincourt Sword


Anathros Sword Damascus

KR0006D - Anathros Sword Damascus


1796 Sabre with Steel Scabbard

88SS - 1796 Sabre with Steel Scabbard


Basket-Hilt Broadsword Antiqued

SH2002N - Basket-Hilt Broadsword Antiqued


Battle Sword of the Han Dynasty

JK-093 - Battle Sword of the Han Dynasty


Chinese War Sword

88CWS - Chinese War Sword


Court Sword

SH1214 - Court Sword


Valermos Sword Damascus

KR0007D - Valermos Sword Damascus


Hand - And - A - Half Sword

88HNH - Hand - And - A - Half Sword


Scottish Dirk

88SD - Scottish Dirk



These swords come in a large range of prices to fit well within whatever budget you may have. Buy swords online for the collector in your life or to be included in your own fine collection. Our swords to buy are made from the finest steel and materials.

Purchase any of our swords to buy and get the beautiful collector's item that will thrill any recipient!

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